“Comment: I recently had some major repair and maintenance work completed by Strictly Diesel on my 2002 F-350 Powerstroke 7.3. I am super pleased with the end product. I bought this truck two years ago with 183000 miles on it. I selected Strictly to do a number of performance modifications and preventative maintenance at that time pretty much by gut feel.

They did an outstanding job. I have been back twice now including my recent visit. Each time my experience has been excellent. This shop is not inexpensive. Nor would I expect them to be. They are in my view bonafide experts on working on Light Duty Diesel trucks. The quality of workmanship and parts used is top of the line. That is what I expected, that’s what they delivered. I must say I find some of the bitterly negative reviews curious.

These guys are in business to make a living. Operating a brick and motor service establishment is insanely expensive and time consuming. When I had a question or concern regarding my vehicle I contacted Gary via e-mail. He has always been prompt to respond. As far as aftermarket parts and accessories, if one wants to purchase on-line at reduced cost then it is only fair to install it yourself. Or perhaps a knowledgeable friend. Oh, my credibility here? I have been an FAA licensed A&P Mechanic for 34 years with extensive experience with Fortune 500 corporate aviation and commercial airlines.

I know when a mechanical service provider is trying to rip me off. These guys are NOT rip off providers. Strictly Diesel is the real deal. If you want quality work with quality parts you have to pay for it with time and money. The old axiom of you get what you pay for holds true.” ~Carl A.