Great service. Blake in the front office was great. Honest shop that explained everything my truck needed after it was taken in due to a coolant leak. I live in Laveen and would choose this shop over any other diesel shop in my area.

Jorge Cruz TrevizoGoogle Review

Recently widowed and wanted a place to work on my 2006 Chevy Malibu, trustworthiness was Number one on list and I certainly hit that on the head. So satisfied with work done and won’t hesitate to go back. They are expanding into gas powered vehicles and will highly recommend them to all my friends. Job well done guys!

Lennette FloodGoogle Review

Strictly Diesel has been phenomenal in many ways. 1st; I bought the fuel bowl delete with post pump filter. The install was straight forward, the directions were spot on. 2nd; After I installed it, while visiting my family in AZ. At my request, they did a courtesy once over of my install before I took off back to Texas. They went way above and gave my whole vehicle a once over and pointed out things that I need keep an eye on not related to the fuel bowl delete. 3rd; the fuel bowl delete performed absolutely as the benefits state. Now my 01’ F250 has 391k miles on it and it runs like it did 10 years ago. The throttle response is smooth, positive, and she feels like she has a chip in her. I honestly feel like its hitting on all 8 cylinders. 4th; My fuel mileage has definitely increased.

As I journeyed home I was getting an average of 25 miles to the gallon. It use to stay at 18 to 19. 5th; The team at Strictly Diesel really cares for their customers. I delay some work on my truck just to get them to work on it when I visit family. These folks are absolutely the best I have ever taken a vehicle in my 45 years of driving. You won’t be sorry for brining you vehicle to them. Great technical support also. #1 in my book.

Ron IshamGoogle Review

This is the best diesel shop around! Awesome customer service. Great staff! I trust them. Bottom line folks, diesel ain’t cheap to maintain unless you do it right! Thanks y’all at SD!

Lee MartinezGoogle Review

Absolutely amazing, I was extremely impressed with the entire process. Very thorough inspection with photos, detailed diagnostics and explanations. A little more money than expected but you get what you pay for, these guys are the real deal. Quality work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t quality as i have learned through the years but I truly feel like everything was addressed and there were no short cuts taken. Very professional people
and an amazing shop. Thank you Blake and the team for taking care of my truck issues. 2006 LBZ Duramax….

Chris BrownGoogle Review

Very professional and courteous staff! They kept me in the loop through the entire process of working on my truck! They installed a CP3 fuel pump conversion and a Fass lift pump. My truck is running a lot better and stronger. I’m also showing 2-3 mpg improvement on mileage.

Carmen CassellaGoogle Review

Brad and all the folks at Strictly Diesel are the best in the business. They know the Ford Power Strokes through and through, and their attention to detail is amazing and very much appreciated. I highly recommend this shop if you want repairs/upgrades done in a timely and professional manner.

Greg SpencerGoogle Review

I really like this shop. They have given me good prices on the work done, even discounts at times. Have never had a problem. I even got my truck back a day early after multiple jobs done on it. So far so good.

James DaleGoogle Reviews

I would recommend to anyone in the Diesel community! The Manager solved my problem right away. He was more than willing to help me and took care of it fast! Thanks Strictly Diesel.

DS4GuyGoogle Review

Brought a 20-year old truck to Strictly Diesel for a pre-purchase examination. Their multi-page checklist was extremely thorough. They found a couple of not-unusual items that I factored into my purchase decision. After I bought the truck I immediately brought it back to Strictly Diesel for a routine service and some upgrades to address well-known week points in the truck. The work was done extremely well, on time, and on budget.

J. BrandonGoogle Reviews