Great shop to get all your diesel needs. Great customer service, fair pricing and excellent work done on my truck. Never had a problem with any repair or truck modification while using Strictly Diesel! My service advisor Jacki will follow up and make sure your satisfied, can’t beat that!

Tony CorsiGoogle Review

This is a great shop. I brought in a 2500HD for a pre-purchase inspection and I received a very comprehensive report. In addition, Jackie and Blake were super easy to communicate with. Courteous, professional, and excellent follow up. I have been in the automotive industry as a Parts and Service Manager and if I lived in the Phoenix area they would be my go to. Thank you.

William MGoogle Review

Never had any problems with my orders and they have quality parts.

Patrick ClemonsGoogle Review

They were awesome the entire way, keeping me updated by text and email and phone calls. They were very thorough and detail oriented. The staff is awesome and super friendly. I love that they also do donation fund raisers for different organizations.

Scott PeblerGoogle Review

I was a first time customer to this highly recommended business and was extremely pleased with the service. I had a check engine light on my 2011 F-250 6.7l. Code was P02DB indicating an issue with #8 injector. Started searching for a facility to check the code and repair but that’s where the breaks were depressed HARD. Every facility, including the major dealerships in the valley, all told me it would be 4-6 weeks just to look at my truck. For various reasons or another each facility said “You’ve gotta get in line and wait”. A friend advised me to try “Strictly Diesel” I called and was advised it would be 3 weeks to have my truck seen which was much better than 4-6 weeks. Jackie, the service advisor was amazing and was able to answer all my questions and assured me she would keep me advised on what the technicians had found. I left my truck on a Thursday as scheduled and by Monday they called and said the code issue was more than likely a communication issue with the computer to which they reprogrammed the injector, tuned each injector and had my truck back to me on Monday. I was concerned that I might have an injector issue especially since I was planning a 3000 mile trip towing a trailer in the near future and expressed that concern with Jackie. I was told to drive the truck normally for a few hundred miles and if the code/ injector issue was going to happen again it would be pretty quick and before I was in the middle to nowhere. During this time Jackie called me to follow up with the service to the truck. So far no code and no issues. I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the service and even more pleased with the response and care this company has towards making sure the needs of the customer are met. You have made a new diesel owner a customer for life. Thank you.

Reuben GonzalesGoogle Review

Very helpful full service shop for all your diesel needs. Booked out over a month so call them ASAP.

Dan DavisGoogle Review

Really glad I found the adapter for the 4th Gen Ram mechanical fan clutch swap. Thanks a bunch. It’s keeping my wife’s truck nice and cool!

IC WeldGoogle Review

Great service, friendly atmosphere. Give detailed explanation when something needed. Reasonable prices. They do an occasional Toyota like mine. Not my first visit for service. I’ll definitely return.

Lawrence RetbergGoogle Review

I still HIGHLY recommend strictly diesel to everyone I know. Great customer service; everyone is friendly and that have always been very knowledgeable with any issues I’ve had. Can’t complain; They really do great work!

Tone GoekeGoogle Review

What a great shop. Driving a OBS ford back to Canada when the lift pump failed. They diagnosed it and repaired it in a day when no other shop was willing to work on the old diesel. Thanks again.

Ryan HutaGoogle Review