I was on a 2 week road trip from Washington and my tailpipe broke loose from the back of the muffler on my 2006 Ram 2500 – Strictly Diesel fixed the tailpipe, did a full diagnostic, got me in and out the same day and at a very reasonable price – I would recommend them to anyone!

Robert FinchGoogle Review

Had a great experience at this shop! They found a tough electrical issue and gave me a break on some diagnostic fees. They called me at every change in the repair process and made sure I was informed. I worked with Gary and he knows his stuff. If you have a Ford diesel, TAKE IT HERE. So real mechanics can look at it. Not just parts changers.

Ryan RoeGoogle Review

After having 3 different shops look at my 7.3 and they couldn’t never figure out what the problem was i purchased a new fuel system for it through strictly diesel. I received everything that came with the system put it on and everything. It still ran the same so we were all a little bombed but then we just called Strictly Diesel and told them what we had in the truck and the new system was check 4 times because we thought we were going crazy. BUT we weren’t! Whoever we spoke to on the phone I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Come to find out it was just a clogged fuel line after having this truck “CHECKED” by one shop and then another shop. I believe it was $4000. These shops said oh yes we fixed it there are “no problems”. Ha yes there was that’s why we just got the fuel system. Sure enough it wasn’t even the fuel system but a line. But we don’t care about having a new fuel system at least its upgraded now and don’t have to worry about it anymore.

But when multiple shops in my area which is CENTRAL FLORIDA cant figure out what is wrong with a 7.3 and had it for a month. We took it and tried figuring out ourselves& new fuel system it was, we took our chances. And if it wasn’t for strictly diesel the truck would have been for sale. We were in too deep to keep going after the fuel system. The truck was in the shops for longer then it was owned which was 1 week then gone to shops for a month. I wish we had a shop like strictly diesel in central Florida seriously. All we did was call and they suggested different things then finally suggested the fuel line that’s on the new fuel system that’s old.
Sure enough that was it just a simple call all the issues were gone after a suggestion. YOU are amazing we appreciate you very much. Thank you for your time!

Briana RyanGoogle Review

Stephen Gates

Stephen GatesGoogle Review

Excellent service and great communication about issues with my truck. Took my F350 7.3 diesel in to Strictly Diesel for a high-egt, low boost issue. They found the problem, reported the issue to me and fixed it promptly Great service, fair price and no surprises. Highly recommend them and I’ll be a repeat customer.

Boug EmannGoogle Review

Took my Toyota Tundra in to try and be diagnosed of an intermittent problem. Unfortunately the shop was unable to hear the issue as it was not presenting itself during the test drive. They still put it in the air and checked everything to make sure everything was tight and no leaks. They were kind enough to waive the fee. I would definitely recommend them even if your vehicle is not a diesel.

Mindy ReyesGoogle Reviews

Brought my truck in to a full shop with complaints that it died randomly. They understood my time crunch and took care of me as best they could, although shop couldn’t reproduce the problem, they ran a full diagnostic for 149$ and didn’t actually tell me anything helpful. Gary is a good guy though and even though they didn’t exactly help Me this time, I think they’re an honest business and I’d go back to them if I needed service done in az. Only reason for not 5 stars is because they couldn’t help me due to my time constraints.

Tyler JacobiGoogle Review

The staff at Strictly Diesel has been wonderful to work. Brad has helped us thru with questions on the work that has been done to our truck, also Gary has been a huge help. Big thank you to Jackie for hooking us up on the Strictly Diesel t- shirts :) Cool pictures when they had to lift the cab for the engine work!

Suzanne HolzerGoogle Reviews

These guys are awesome! We took our truck to a dealer and another diesel shop and no one could figure out what was wrong with it. Strictly Diesel was able to figure it out. They definitely know diesels. I would definitely take my truck back there.

Scott TrombleyGoogle Review

Great shop and great staff Gary was amazing in his willingness to help find and fix the problem and provided an overall vehicle assessment. The service time was fast and thorough and we’ll done. I will be returning for normal maintenance and any other issues that may arise.

Silverback2121Google Review